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Return Array From WebService

Here’s the simplest way to accomplish what you want. Have your webservice return a simple string array: […]

Disable AutoComplete in Asp.NET

Most Browsers have a feature called AutoComplete which saves information that has previously been inputted like web […]

Source Control – AnkhSVN

At work, we started using source control a year ago and after several packages we chose […]

Crystal Reports Problem

The following error loaded today when trying to output a crystal report from asp.Net: Logon failed. […]

Disable Triggers

Last time, I had some calculation problems in one of my tables, and I needed to make a […]

ContextSwitchDeadlock was detected

Last week i was debugging an application and after while the following exception was being loaded: […]

Theme cannot be found in the application or global theme directories

I was creating an application and everything was working fine. But when i uploaded the website […]

There is already an open DataReader…

Sometimes, when I try to get data from the SQL Server the following exception is loaded: […]

Visual Studio 2005 – Crashes Randomly

    Last week i was using Visual Studio 2005 and all of a sudden it […]

Multiple Sitemaps

A problem that i found lately was when i needed to have multiple sitemaps. Why? I needed […]