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The New Visual Studio 2015 is finally here

The New Visual Studio Launch event has already started, and you can watch it live here: […]

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I was going to install Visual Studio Community 2013, but it asked me to uninstall Visual […]

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During this weekend, I started having a problem when building a solution in Visual Studio. It […]

ASP.Net | Read Values from Javascript

Today I started checking out some videos about Windows CardSpace and ASP.Net for logging in and […]

Visual Studio | No source code available for the current location

Whilst trying to debug a Stored Procedure, the following error prompted: There is no source code […]

Google Event Tracking Failing

We’ve been using Google Analytics events tracking starting from this year and they are very useful. […]


This is added after the text needed in the response stream is written using the Response.Write() […]

ASP.Net Menu Control Problem with IE8

When loading a website that utilises the asp:menu control, in the development machine it works fine […]

Quickie | ‘Sys’ is undefined Solution

Today I was trying to call a web service from Java Script using the Sys.Net.WebServiceProxy.invoke function but the […]

Calling Web Service From Javascript

Hi my post explains how to call web service frm java script using AJAX. If the […]