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At work, we started using source control a year ago and after several packages we chose to use VisualSVN and was doing a good job until recently we started to find some problems. When trying to commit some changes, it was always asking to ‘Clean up’ the solution. Then obviously I would click on Clean up and upon doing so, another error was loading…. guess what… it’s asks me to Clean Up the solution…. and it’s never ending. It got on my nerves and today I started searching for another Source Control.

I found the AnkhSvn (don’t know how to spell it), checked some reviews and gave it a go! Till now it seems to be fantastic. It incorporates directly into Visual Studio’s Source Control (not like VisualSVN), it has a pending changes window (at the bottom of visual studio) from where you can write a message and commit with a simple step (not like VisualSVN where you have to right click the file, and choose commit… and if you’re lucky, it works)…. and the greatest feature of all is that it’s free!! For VisualSVN you’d have to pay around $50 for each user.

To use AnkhSVN for yourself, you just install a copy from here

To use AnkhSVN between multiple users, you need to install a copy on every user’s machine by downloading from here, then install VisualSVN Server (here) on the computer where you’ll store the Source Control files. Click here for a simple ‘How To’ to start using AnkhSVN. BTW… VisualSVN Server is also free so you’ll get the best of both worlds, for Free!

Till now i’m liking what i’m seeing… if I’ll find any problems… I’ll let you know. Happy controlling!! 🙂

For more info on:

For info on why you need to use a source control and back up, click here

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  1. AnkhSVN has issues, naming with creating branches and tags. It’s terrible. This is probably fine for school projects and whatnot but I am working in a production environment and I need to get my engineers a better tool.

    Trying the VisualSVN now….

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