Visual Studio 2005 – Crashes Randomly

Visual Studio 2005 


Last week i was using Visual Studio 2005 and all of a sudden it started to crash. Everytime i tried to open VS after 1 or 2 minutes it would crash. I checked the event log and the following error appeared:

Faulting application devenv.exe, version 8.0.50727.762, time stamp 0x45716759, faulting module craxddrt.dll_unloaded, version,
time stamp 0x43068582, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x0d26e30f, process id 0x1180, application start time 0x01c75cae13960a41.

After googling the problem, i found the following solution. The problem was that when opening my solution, by default it opened the last crystal report that i was working on. This seemed to start some crystal report ActiveX thing that didn’t work on Vista.

Sometimes it would take 2 minutes and sometimes 5 minutes, but it would always crash, even if i closed the report straight away.  The only way to stop this problem was to load up VS, close the report immediately and safely close VS before it got a chance to crash! The next time it opens, there is no crystal report and the ActiveX control never loads.

So the next time you save the solution and close visual studio be sure to close all Crystal Reports window 🙂

Happy Programming.



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  1. Thanks for your help.

    I was search so much even in microsoft sites too but not getting any help 🙂

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