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Apple’s “Let’s Talk” keynote was Booring!!

Don’t get me wrong, they added some new features to iOS 5, but all together, it […]

Create your favicon.ico easily

To easily create a favicon.ico to be used on a website, you can use the following […]

Sync iPhone with Gmail | Contacts, Calendars and Emails

The first thing I wanted to do when I got back an iPhone (again Hussaahhh :)… […]

AppStore’s Edge

App Name: Edge AppStore Cost: $5.99 Download IPA from here This game won the “Best Mobile […]

Download AppStore’s Top 10 Apps

Do you want to get the best paid apps in the iTunes AppStore.. and for free.. […]

Jailbreak iPod Touch from 1.1.4 to 2.2

This morning I had to jailbreak an iPod Touch on Windows Vista which was still with […]

Jailbreak iPhone to 2.2 on Windows

There are many guides to help you upgrade your iPhone 2G and 3G phones. So instead of creating another guide, i'm only showing you the steps you need.

Sync iPhone 3G with Google Calendar and Contacts

Update 2: Finally, a solution on how to sync your iPhone Calendar with your Google Calendar […]