Sync iPhone 3G with Google Calendar and Contacts

Update 2:

Finally, a solution on how to sync your iPhone Calendar with your Google Calendar exists.

Click here for the solution that works fine to start synching!


Apparently, as some have noted in the comments, the goosync isn’t working as Apple doesn’t let third party applications change and manage it’s calendar on the iPhone. I will be contacting GooSync support to see if there is a work around. Sorry to all those that tried the steps and not having it working. If anyone managed to make this work, please let me know in the comments. Thanks.

So we’ve covered how you can sync your iPhone with Windows Live Contacts on Windows Vista. Now’s the time for Google… for those people who for a reason or another prefer Google products’ over Microsoft’s.

This post will not only show you the how to sync iPhone Contacts with Google Contacts, but also how to sync iPhone Calendar with Google Calendar. This is now possible to an online service called GooSync. Toffa International, the developers of GooSync, has recently added iPhone support to its online service.

This means that when you change, create or delete a contact, or an appointment, GooSync takes care to always sync the iPhone with Google’s online services which is done automatically.

As for Requirements, you need to either have an iPhone 3G or iPhone with 2.0 Software or greater.

Now the How To?… after the break… it’s a bit long 🙂

  • Go to
  • Click register and enter the details (if already registered, skip this step)
  • After registering, you will receive an email on the email address you specified during registration
  • Open your email and click on the link provided to confirm your registration (hurry cause you only have 48 hours to confirm ;))
  • Once the link is loaded, click continue and login with the registration details
  • Select your phone model… Apple iPhone :D… and click Save Device
  • Next open iTunes
  • Go to AppStore
  • Search for GooSync
  • Download the app found titled ‘Synthesis SyncML Client for iPhone/iPod Touch‘… it’s Free!!
  • Install on your iPhone
  • Open the GooSync app and enter the following details
  • … Sync Server URL:
  • … Username: username specified in registration
  • … Password: password specified in registration
  • You are now ready to sync your iPhone with google over the air

PS. You can register from your computer/laptop or even your iPhone, not like meebo where you could only register using a computer/laptop.

If you have any problems with setting up your iPhone with GooSync, you can always check GooSync’s iPhone Forum by clicking here!! Happy GooSyncing!! 😉


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  1. Hi Mikeb… Yes it syncs both ways… so if you change a contact or calendar on the iPhone, it changes on your Google Account… and vice versa… it always changes according the most recent change.

  2. the sync doesn’t work because it says apple doesn’t allow third party applications to access the calendar yet. any ideas?

  3. Hi, Like billyg says: do you have a solution to te problem that apple does not allow third party applications to access the calendar? Thanks for answering.

  4. I’d like to try this out as well. NotifyLink claims to be able to integrate with the iPhone’s built-in calendar (in the process of setting up a NL test account now)

  5. So this app is totally unuseful. It is free but you can’t sync contacts, only calendar, but Apple doesn’t allow it. So unuseful!!!!!

  6. This is really ridiculous. How can we publish an article “sync google calendar with iphone” provide detailed instructions and at the end indicate, oh by the way it does no sync calendar.

    this is really funny.

  7. I just found SaiSuke. Works great. It’s a standalone calendar for iPhone/iPod Touch. Since it uses its own calendar data, there is no issue with syncing.

    It only syncs directly to Google calendar. No need for an external account (goosync, nuevasync). Very simple. SaiSuke even has a ‘week view’ which the iPhone calendar does not have.

    So, I have my native calendar syncing with MS Exchange for work, and SaiSuke syncing with Google for my personal calendar. It works quite nicely.

    Search for it in the iTunes store. There’s a free version you can try out. Then buy it for $10. Well worth the money.

    (No support for contacts though.)

  8. As Scott says above, try Saisuke. The free version does on-way sync(google->iphone/touch), but the full version does two way sync, and supports all the options including SMS reminders.

  9. Hi,
    if you jailbreak you can use NemusSync from Cydia it syncs iphone calendar and google.
    And use funambol to sync contacts

    you can also check

  10. I downloaded goosync for my iphone and it works well for the calendar. But I don’t seem to get any reminders. Their websites says if you sync with any times other than 5min before, 10min before, 15min before 30min, an hour, etc it will delete the reminder. I’ve kept those times and still I don’t get any reminder for my events. Any suggestions? Oh, and if I jailbreak my iphone to use one of the other programs will I lose any functions on my iphone?

  11. it is a great option but there is a little problem that i couldnt solve till now, when you switch the sync on with google contacts you loose the option of adding two or more mobile numbers for the same contact..and even you dont have the option of adding custom label to any number with your contacts.

    can any one solve this problem please???

  12. Max,

    How to I add the package that has funambol? I already added the Nemusync but need the other for contacts.

  13. I found that a google calendar with a G-mail account can e automatically synched with your outlook. I had nothing but problems with the Outlook connector thing with hotmail, so I searched around the the google one works MUCH better!

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