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Do you want to get the best paid apps in the iTunes AppStore.. and for free.. well that’s what I did in this post. Next please find the Top 10 Apps list according to iTunes AppStore for 15th January 2009 which you can download: 

  1. iShootdownload
  2. Mood Touch – download
  3. Crazy Tanksdownload
  4. iFart Mobile – download
  5. Monopoly Here & Now – download
  6. Tetris – download
  7. Free Memorydownload
  8. Brothers In Armsdownload
  9. iHunt – download
  10. Sim Citydownload

(The bold ones are my favourite). Below please find a description of the Top 10 Apps:

iShoot let’s you battle your friends or the computer as you compete to be the last tank standing in this artillery genre game.

Mood Touch is designed to have you interact with it to determine the mood that you’re feeling as you touch it, just touch the screen and let Mood Touch do the rest.

  • Price: $0.99

Crazy Tanks let’s you drive your crazy tank by tilting your device (iPhone, iPod Touch) and shoots at the enemy tanks by tapping the touch screen.

iFart Mobile is the world’s most popular digital fart machine

Brothers In Arms is the most explosive shooting experience on the iPhone. You play as a soldier of the 101st Airborne in the most intense WWII battles…

5 Responses

  1. you have to have mobileinstallation cracked which you can find on the net…then just double click on the ipa and it will get transfered to itunes then sync you’re device and you’re done

  2. I have managed to download and transfer the ipa into itunes, however when I try to sync with the iphone I get an error message after a while saying, ‘the application could not be synced because it could not be verified’. Any ideas?

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