Apple’s “Let’s Talk” keynote was Booring!!

Don’t get me wrong, they added some new features to iOS 5, but all together, it wasn’t much of a show. I expected a bigger screen (not the same old 3.5 inch one), some NFC goodness, and at least a different chassis, tinner like say the Galaxy SII. In a few months and even weeks, the specs on this phone will be outpaced by other smartphones. Read more specs after the break…


Ok so this is what you get with the new iPhone, new revamped interiors, including an A5 processor (like it’s bigger brother, the iPad), and an 8MP Camera. The new camera can now record 1080p HD video so it should take great videos. Also the camera lets 73% more lite in than the 5MP one in iPhone 4. It still has the same Retina Screen, same Screen Size (3.5″) and same Gorilla Glass. That’s all there’s to say on the hardware side.


There’s iCloud with 5Gb of Storage that backs up your device and syncs all iOS devices. Then there’s Siri which is quite actually cool. It’s like a personal assistant, you tell it what to do, and it does it, creates appointments, sends msgs, it kind of makes you lazy, but in a good way! 🙂


The iPod lineup remained the same as last year’s, so no news here. Good to note that they mentioned the iPod, as being the best gaming device, but they didn’t even bother giving the A5 chip and the GPU upgrade to it. Hmm now I wonder how it’s going to run Infinity Blade 2, since as it’s creator said, it’s going to run better on iPhone 4S [due to CPU and GPU upgrades].

And where was Tim Cook? I expected he’ll be the one to showcase the “New iPhone”, or at least give us the last “One more thing” that people are so accustomed to! But nothing happened at the end, thought they’re going to release something new.. but anyways, we’ll have to wait another year for the iPhone 5. Ok not really, I’m now actually waiting Nokia’s Conference on the 26th of October for their new Windows Phones. Go Nokia Go Nokia 🙂

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