Clive Ciappara

Founder of WOW. Passionate Software Engineer and UX Designer with 18 years of professional experience in building and designing high performance web applications.

Visual Studio Tips and Tricks Presentation

Presentation for Betclic Training Bites – January 2017 Quick Launch Quick Launch (CTRL+Q) – most of […]

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Back to the Future Day – Enjoy 21 October 2015!

Today is the Day that a lot of people were waiting from the year 1989, the […]

Hey Lumia. Your next Windows Mobile and PC with Continuum!

The New Lumia 950 has adaptive antenna technology which means it has two antennas and windows […]

Welcome to the new Microsoft Band

Microsoft just launched the new Microsoft Band. Next are some specifications about the Microsoft Band: Curved […]

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Unlock and Access your blocked Files

Have you ever experienced any of the following annoying messages when using Windows: Cannot delete file: Access […]

Watch Apple’s ‘Hey Siri’ Event Live on Windows 10

Even though I’m a Microsoft fan, I like to know what’s happening on the other side […]