Clive Ciappara

Founder of WOW. Passionate Software Engineer and UX Designer with 18 years of professional experience in building and designing high performance web applications.

Stop Auto-Resolving Tasks in TFS #VisualStudio

When checking-in pending updates to tasks in TFS, Team Explorer usually sets the task as ‘Resolve’ by default. […]

The New Visual Studio 2015 is finally here

The New Visual Studio Launch event has already started, and you can watch it live here: […]

Watch Apple’s WWDC event on Windows & Android

I’m no fan of Apple – unlike my brother – but I like to see what […]

Set an HTML Signature in Gmail

Last week I needed to change my email signature on Gmail, to update it with new details […]

SharePoint Keeps Refreshing #QuickSolution

This week I had an issue with SharePoint. I tried to log in to our work’s SharePoint […]

Twitter Tips for Businesses

In our first post in the Social Media Series, we wrote how businesses can create and setup […]

Facebook Tips for Businesses

Do you want to know how to choose your business page name? Do you know how to check if […]

Boost your website ranking in mobile search results

Is your website ready for a ranking boost in the mobile search results? Click here to […]

Deep Design’s Newly Redesigned Website is finally up!

There’s this popular Maltese saying which says: “L-iskarpan biz-zarbun imqatta'” – the shoemaker is wearing torn […]

Say Hello to Deep Design

Today I finally launched a blog for Deep Design. I’ve been meaning to upload this new […]