Visual Studio Tips and Tricks Presentation


Presentation for Betclic Training Bites – January 2017

Quick Launch

  • Quick Launch (CTRL+Q) – most of the time this is ignored. VS have many options and windows to choose from. For example, your closed debug window. To find it, just go to CTRL+Q
  • Or where to build something,
  • You can use @ option to limit to most recently used (@mru), or to show options only ex. @option line numbers

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • File.OpenContainingFolder – create shortcut (ex. CTRL+ALT+[)
  • File.CopyFullPath – create shortcut (ex. CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+[)
  • Added in menu


  • Track current open file – CTRL + [ + S

Side by Side Windows

Search & Scope

  • To search for a file – use CTRL+; //substring
  • Scope and click Home button to go back

Multi Solution Explorer

  • This is cool and never knew about it
  • Especially useful for multi monitor setup
  • Can have different scopes for your controllers and for example angular files / javascript
  • New Solution Explorer
  • You can have related code items on one monitor with it’s solution explorer
  • And another related code on the second monitor


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