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Top 3 features I want in Windows Phone

I have been using Windows Phone for these past 4 years since it started. A lot […]

Making the Perfect Tea

In Malta it’s Sunday afternoon, and in other places it’s still in morning. So what better […]

Published My Facebook Timeline

And just like that, I finally published my Facebook Timeline.. been thinking to do it for […]

Mark as Spam or Trash/Delete?

When I changed my blog from to a self hosted blog, one of the downsides […]

My New Corner

Dear Surfers & Readers, Hope that all of you are fine and thanks for reading this […]

My Lumia 800 is here!

I ordered my Nokia Lumia 800 last Monday (12/12/2011) during a Cyber Monday sale on […]

Ordered my Nokia Lumia 800

And just like that, I just ordered my Nokia Lumia 800 on 12th December at exactly […]

Apple’s “Let’s Talk” keynote was Booring!!

Don’t get me wrong, they added some new features to iOS 5, but all together, it […]

Week Review.. over 300,000 all time views

This week my blog managed to reach a target that I previously set in my mind, […]

First month in my New Job

Last month, on the 22nd of February 2011, I started working with deVere-Group as a Web […]