Published My Facebook Timeline

And just like that, I finally published my Facebook Timeline.. been thinking to do it for a while, and finally on the 5th of May (05/05) at exactly 5:05 PM, I published my timeline.. hehe wanted to make it special lol.

So why have I been holding out?

At first I didn’t like the fact that anyone can go through my timeline and watch and read what I did during the past years. You could have done that in the Pre-timeline facebook, but you would have to click lots of “Load More…” buttons to arrive at least at the beginning of the current year.

And what changed my mind?

After bing-ing and googl-ing, I found out that you could actually allow only certain friends to view your whole timeline. How? I found some websites that have step by step instructions on how to do just that. I will soon write a post myself, but until then, you can check out these links on how to protect your privacy on your new facebook timeline. Check this and this.

What’s great about the Timeline?

I just love the Cover Photos 🙂 Happy timelining!!

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