Top 3 features I want in Windows Phone


I have been using Windows Phone for these past 4 years since it started. A lot of great features were added and which I find very useful. But there’s a few features that have been missing throughout these years and which I really need!

  • Shake to Undo
  • Snap Apps
  • Picture Password


Shake to Undo – It pisses me off when I’m writing an email or a message and cannot undo a mistake. If I select a whole paragraph and I tap any other button instead of the copy, I loose all the paragraph and there’s no way to undo it.

+ Vote for the Shake to Undo feature on Windows Phone


Snap Apps – I have a Lumia 1520 and its great screen is not fully used by allowing you to have only one app on the screen. It would be great when you’re watching a movie on the phone and you need to reply to a message. Just open the message on one side, and the movie on the other.


Picture Password – This is a great feature on Windows 8.1 and would be an amazing feature on Windows Phone. I think this feature will be much more used on a smartphone to unlock your device. You could select a good photo from the ones you took with your camera, and draw the shapes on it to unlock your windows phone.

I hope these three features will make it in Windows 10 (for phones). Hopefully the last two features will make the leap to Windows Phone as the two platforms converge in Windows 10. Do you have any other features you would like to see on Windows Phone?


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