Mark as Spam or Trash/Delete?

When I changed my blog from to a self hosted blog, one of the downsides was that i didn’t have the Akismet Spam protection anymore. So I started receiving a lot of spam comments at my email address. For each comment you have a bunch of options, amongst of which you can choose to Approve, Spam, or Trash the comment.


So what is the difference between Spam and Trash?

When you Trash a comment, that comment is deleted from the database, thus it’s gone and is no longer available.

On the other hand, if you mark your comment as Spam they can be used for later analysis and blocking, thus whenever a new comment is added on your blog, it is checked against the comments marked as spam in the database and blocked or allowed accordingly.


Thus what’s better, Spam it or Trash it?

I’d say Spam It… and by time it will keep increasing the Spam list making the blocking of spam comments more throughly. Happy Un-Spamming 🙂

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  1. I never understood that, on Google blogs wouldn’t somebody assume you could get spammed all the time? I never do get much spam, sometimes something odd but nothing that would be enough that would annoy me to any extent.

    • Hi Elizabeth, thanks for reading. When having a blog on wordpress or blogger, they have their spamming protection, so you’re safe 🙂 the problem comes when you are hosting your blog on your own. Though I found a plugin that will reduce spam, i’ll make a post about it soon.

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