Melita Mobile or Apple??

This morning and in the afternoon, we tried to access the Melita homepage on as today they unveiled “the next generation in mobile communications and services”…. anyway we wanted to check out the new operator’s prices…. BUT… to our BIG surprise we found the

“We are experiencing high activity on our servers due to the large amount of traffic generated during the launch of our mobile services”

This message was on the home page of Melita’s website. We checked again the domain address to see if by mistake we entered, maybe melita had the same problems like apple during the launch of their iphone, but no… it was We then searched in google for an “about us” page of Melita and clicked the link…. and as we thought, the page loaded without any problems. You can try it yourself…. first go to and then check

The problem is that if their clients wanted to check their emails (which someone can do from their website), they couldn’t do this… the whole day long. Also they are an Internet Service Provider so they have all the bandwidth they want!!! Below please find some screenshots of our findings (please note the time and date at the bottom of the picture.. you can click on the picture to view larger):


Click to enlarge


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Hey, all people can do when viewing melita’s website is just to check their website and maybe view their emails…. not download a 250MB file to update their phones or something else.., so it shouldn’t be unviewable! Maybe this was part of their marketing campaign, but please Melita, not everyone is an idiot!

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