Windows Mobile 6.5 Alpha


Compulab’s Exeda is being tested and currently running with the new version of Windows Mobile 6.5.

Exeda, likely jumping the gun a little, has released 2 pictures of their dual boot smartphone running Windows Mobile 6.5 ALPHA, as they call it.

While called Alpha, the build seen in the picture may actually be more advanced than the ROM leaked earlier, as it features some enhancements only rumoured at before.

Of note immediately is that the honeycomb-based app launcher is in fact real. It seems it will make use of the new scrolling capabilities of the OS, and is romoured to automatically sort regularly used and relevant applications close to each other

I really like the honeycomb app launcher and really hope that the smartphones which will be using this operating system will also be stylish, so there’ll be a real competitor to the iPhone from the Windows side. But we’ll have to wait a bit more as Windows Mobile 6.5 is still in Alpha phase.

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