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Back to the Future Day – Enjoy 21 October 2015!

Today is the Day that a lot of people were waiting from the year 1989, the […]

Hey Lumia. Your next Windows Mobile and PC with Continuum!

The New Lumia 950 has adaptive antenna technology which means it has two antennas and windows […]

Welcome to the new Microsoft Band

Microsoft just launched the new Microsoft Band. Next are some specifications about the Microsoft Band: Curved […]

Watch Microsoft’s ‘Exciting News’ Event Live on Windows 10

The day and time has come to know more about the new devices from Microsoft. First […]

Cortana’s Easter Eggs (with spoilers)

Cortana, Microsoft’s new Personal Assistant, has some funny easter eggs and here is a small collection […]

How to use Cortana outside the US?

Thanks for asking Cortana 🙂 and thanks for making my Windows Phone better. Yesterday Microsoft released […]

Amazing Blackberry Website for their Launch

  That’s how I thought it was going to be, full of their new Z10 and […]

Top Tricks to know for 2013

Just found this post on Gizmodo listing some tricks you should know for the new year […]

First Person to Upgrade to Windows 8! – Updated

We just got news and found who is the first person to buy the upgrade to […]

Updated | Watching the Windows Phone 8 Event

So finally after months waiting, we will finally know what new features the new Windows Phone […]

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