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Watch Apple’s ‘Hey Siri’ Event Live on Windows 10

Even though I’m a Microsoft fan, I like to know what’s happening on the other side […]

WhatsApp on Windows Phone OS 7 “Mango”

With the announcement of Skype coming to Windows Phone OS, I think that another app that […]

Create your favicon.ico easily

To easily create a favicon.ico to be used on a website, you can use the following […]

Sync iPhone with Gmail | Contacts, Calendars and Emails

The first thing I wanted to do when I got back an iPhone (again Hussaahhh :)… […]

Back with an iPhone… Hussahhh :)

After months and months with a bricked iPhone, I finally managed to get another one. So now […]

Sette Giugno | Today in Malta

Sette Giugno (from Italian: June Seventh) is a Maltese national holiday celebrated annually on June 7. It commemorates events […]

AppStore’s Edge

App Name: Edge AppStore Cost: $5.99 Download IPA from here This game won the “Best Mobile […]

Download AppStore’s Top 10 Apps

Do you want to get the best paid apps in the iTunes AppStore.. and for free.. […]

Control Windows from your iPhone 3G

App Name: WinAdmin AppStore Cost: $11.99 Download IPA from here WinAdmin is the best app to […]

Get drunk with your iPhone – “Drinks”

AppStore Cost: $3.99 Download IPA from here Ever wondered how that Long Island drink is done […]