Happy Programmer’s Day

This is to all you programmer’s out there… no matter what language you use… Java, C++, VB.Net, Foxpro, C# (this is the one i use)… Happy Programmer’s Day!! Today Saturday 13th is Programmer’s Day… it’s your day guys!!! and gals!! 😉 So a little history how this day came!

September 13th is an informal celebration of the 256th day of the year (2^8 bits=256)! According to Wikipedia, “traditions include: drinking, behaving silly, coding silly programs, mini computer games, playing with old computers, etc.”

So if you have any silly programs you made… make a link in the comments for all us to see them… or maybe write your history as a programmer…. maybe don’t write too long!! Also… there’s a legend that says that who’s born on this day is the chosen programmer… the messiah of all programmers…!!! if you’re one of them… Happy Birthday chosen one!!! 😉


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