New Windows Vista Ads – Number 1

Ok i’m a bit late on this but last week (on September 5) Microsoft unveiled its first ad from a series of ads. This first advert is about Jerry Seinfield moving around and finds Bill Gates shopping for a pair of shoes. Apparently Microsoft are going to tell the “story” progressively over many ads in the next few weeks. You can see the first ad after the break…


For a more “high definition” view you can view the ad here.

It’s not horrible but it’s not great, although i must admit that it’s funny :). “But the best part is that it’s not obnoxious like those ads from a certain other self-infatuated company.” – Paul Thurrott. This first ad was only an icebraker between the people and Microsoft, and not to change the perception of Windows Vista as many have thought.

How does this differ from Apple’s GetAMac ads? Apple’s objective was to try to convince people that Windows has many problems and Macs are the solution to all these problems apart from being safe and works. Apple is showing only the bad sode of Windows and not showing any good side of their product… they say that vista has viruses whilst macs don’t.

Microsoft’s approach to this new series of ads maybe a little bizarre and a bit soft but Microsoft doesn’t need to address Apple… they need to address their image and the reason why Apple’s ads don’t make any sense. Don’t expect Microsoft to attack Apple, they are better than that.

Another thing. This is a list of metaphors that are in the ad and I think it makes sense. This is from a guy named Waethorn:

  • Shoe Circus = Apple store
  • Witless shoe salesman = Steve Jobs
  • Shoe salesman’s choice of “one size fits all” = Mac OS X
  • People looking through Windows = People looking AT Windows
  • “Conquistador” = Windows Vista (obviously a play on Mojave)
  • People looking at “Conquistador” and realizing it’s not what they thought = Mojave subjects
  • Buying that option from the store that wouldn’t be the ideal place to buy it = putting Windows on a Mac
  • Bill Gate’s frequent buyer card = Microsoft’s past with Apple
  • Shoe salesman’s disinterest/disdain in customer, even though it’s a sale = more Steve Jobs
  • Bill Gate’s humble attitude = Microsoft’s humble attitude
  • Bill Gate’s underwear = ???

There’s more, but that’s the main stuff. Anyhow if you agree or disagree with this… let me know in the comments!


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