New Windows Vista Ads – Number 2


Here comes round two for Microsoft! The new ad with Seinfeld and Gates (getting closer to people) is now out and can be viewed after the break…

Also what are people saying about these ads?… after the video!

You can view the youtube version below, or view the high res version and


What are people saying about the ads?

I think that this advert was brilliant and this ad isn’t snarky, negative or pompous like the Get A Mac ads which now looka bit immature in comparison! This ad doesn’t talk about Vista but it does talk (even if indirectly) about Microsoft. They aren’t trying to sell a product or service with these ads, but rather change and improve the people’s view of MS.

“You get to see a nice little skit and then associate it with MS at the end. Even if  you don’t realize it yet, that is improving your image of MS.” – systemwolf

Some people are commenting that Microsoft should have attacked Apple directly! But that wouldn’t be good…

“any first year business marketing major knows that if you are the market leaders, you NEVER MENTION the lesser guy.  It makes you look stupid, and it gives them even more credibility.  When you own 90% of the market you live and die on your own merit, not cause you can talk smack about a much smaller compeitor.” – fireboy92k

I’m wating for the next ad to come out. What do you think will it be about? Write down in the comments! 😉


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