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Updated – A FREE fully-featured edition of Visual Studio!

Among yesterday’s great product launches by Microsoft, was the FREE unrestricted version of Visual Studio – Visual Studio Community Edition […]

Create iOS and Android apps using Visual Studio and .NET

Microsoft today announced some amazing news: Preview versions of the next generation versions of Visual Studio […]

No Internet | Network Card not working fine

During these last few days, my network on the computer started giving me problems and sometimes […]

Error 29506 | SQL Server 2005 Management Studio Express

When i binged (yes I’m using bing :P), i found the following fix: Search for Command […]

Free Tools | Convert Documents to PDF

To print out documents as PDF for email sending or otherwise, without adobe reader, you can […]

ASP.Net Menu Control Problem with IE8

When loading a website that utilises the asp:menu control, in the development machine it works fine […]

Share Folders/External Drives with CMD

Yesterday we had a problem regarding sharing. We needed to share an encrypted drive to be […]

Download Windows 7 Beta: 32-bit or 64-bit

Update: You can try using the direct downloads for Windows 7 Beta 32-bit or 64-bit versions. As promised, […]

Jailbreak iPod Touch from 1.1.4 to 2.2

This morning I had to jailbreak an iPod Touch on Windows Vista which was still with […]

4 Editions of Windows 7

Apparently, Windows 7 will have 4 different editions, at least according to the Windows 7 Beta […]