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Breaking news for Pirates & Windows Phone Developers! #Microsoft #Windows10

We are upgrading all qualified PCs, genuine and non-genuine, to Windows 10,” he said in a […]

Get 100GB OneDrive storage for Free!

Microsoft has a promotion with Bing Rewards and OneDrive that gives away 100GB of free OneDrive storage […]

How to install iOS and Android SDKs for Visual Studio 2013 Premium & Ultimate

I was going to install Visual Studio Community 2013, but it asked me to uninstall Visual […]

Updated – A FREE fully-featured edition of Visual Studio!

Among yesterday’s great product launches by Microsoft, was the FREE unrestricted version of Visual Studio – Visual Studio Community Edition […]

Create iOS and Android apps using Visual Studio and .NET

Microsoft today announced some amazing news: Preview versions of the next generation versions of Visual Studio […]

Bye Bye Nokia Lumia

Yesterday, 11th November, Microsoft officially unveiled their first Microsoft Lumia – Microsoft Lumia 535 It has the same […]

Force Windows to Stay on Top

During the World Cup, I like watching the matches. But sometimes when I’m on the PC, […]

Xaml – Add and Update Row Definitions

Row and Column Definitions are used to set the rows and columns in a grid on […]

OneDrive is launching now!

Just received an email that finally OneDrive, the service to replace SkyDrive, is launching worldwide in […]

Microsoft’s Surface Pro launching in January

Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet will arrive in Januaryof next year with an $899 price tag. The Surface […]