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During the World Cup, I like watching the matches. But sometimes when I’m on the PC, I watch the matches in a browser. The problem is that when I open a new window, it will load on top of the browser, hiding the game. After a while, it becomes tedious. So I found the solution in this little nifty app.

Always On Top forces the selected windows to stay on top. It’s free, easy and it works. Just run this utility the first time. Then click on the window to keep on top and press CTRL+Space. It will work with all the windows (including file explorer, calculator, office apps). To turn off the function, click the window again and press CTRL+Space.

This program was created using Autohotkey and a single line of code. Thanks Amit Agarwal!

^SPACE::  Winset, Alwaysontop, , A

Download Always On Top from here. I tried this app on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 x64 machines, and it worked flawlessly. Enjoy the World Cup!

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