Control Windows from your iPhone 3G


  • App Name: WinAdmin
  • AppStore Cost: $11.99
  • Download IPA from here

WinAdmin is the best app to connect to any Windows machine be it Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and even Windows Server 2008 and make any changes if you’re out of the office.

This app “uses the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol to let you manage and interact with any Windows computer from your iPhone or iPod Touch – so you can finally rest assured that you can quickly and easily fix a problem, view an important document, or use a desktop application on any of your Windows computers all from the palm of your hand.”

Even though there are free and cheaper RDP clients, the features and polish of this one win hands down. The latest update to this app added console support, more resolutions and even the new Windows Server 2008 support. This app can be used to fix server problems if you’re not onsite and works great through the iPhone’s VPN connection capabilities.

Download WinAdmin for Free

If you need more info you can log on their site from here.

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