Amazing Blackberry Website for their Launch


That’s how I thought it was going to be, full of their new Z10 and Q10 mobile specs, showing the new Blackberry 10 features…. but all I got was a 404 Page not found message!! Don’t know if it only loads for non US users, i.e. maybe for Europeans only.

But please BlackBerry, on your biggest launch ever, you should have made sure that everything works fine, including one of your most important marketing options, your website!!


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  1. kull filodu inqum imdamdam qisni bicca xih marid
    naqbad zobbi u infaqqalu hannehhilu is sadid

    aj aj aj kull filodu jiena najd
    aj aj aj ajma zobbi u ajma l bajd

    nidhol fil kamra tal banju biex ninhasel bis sapun
    narma nidaj bil madonna ax smat zobbi bil mishun!!

    Chorus (x2)

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