Nokia Reading is a Battery Drainer


I love everything Nokia (now Microsoft). My current phone is a Lumia 1520, the previous one was an 820, and I had the Lumia 900 and 800. I also love their software. I use the Here Drive daily, the Nokia Camera App which is the best when taking photos, and Nokia Creative Studio to edit them.

Lately I’ve started reading ebooks, currently reading Ultimatum by Simon Kernick, and used the Nokia Reading app to read them. I downloaded my ebooks from OneDrive directly from the app. It’s easy to use and I can pin my books to the Start Screen. Everything was well and good, until I started noticing that the battery was draining quickly.

In just 2 hours of reading an e-book on Nokia Reading, the battery went down from 96% to 43%. When I checked the battery usage in battery saver, the main culprit was Nokia Reading!

I searched for another e-book reading app on Windows Phone and found this alternative app: Legimi – e-book reader. It’s very much like Nokia Reading but with some extra features like the ability to save quotes from books, and showing you the page number. You can also pin books and download books directly from OneDrive like Nokia Reading. I’ll use it for a few days and will try to make a review of the app, but up till now, it seems that the battery status is still stable! Now let’s finish this book.

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