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SharePoint Keeps Refreshing #QuickSolution

This week I had an issue with SharePoint. I tried to log in to our work’s SharePoint […]

Force Windows to Stay on Top

During the World Cup, I like watching the matches. But sometimes when I’m on the PC, […]

CSS | Hide Overflow Vertical Scrollbar

When you set a div style like this: div#tbl-container { width: 600px; overflow: auto; scrollbar-base-color:#ffeaff } […]

Google Event Tracking Failing

We’ve been using Google Analytics events tracking starting from this year and they are very useful. […]


This is added after the text needed in the response stream is written using the Response.Write() […]

ASP.Net Menu Control Problem with IE8

When loading a website that utilises the asp:menu control, in the development machine it works fine […]

Internet Explorer 8 Features: Tabs

So i just installed the beta version of Internet Explorer 8 and I really like it! […]