Connecting to backup destination – Crashplan

If you’re using CrashPlan for your online backup, and got the following message “Connecting to backup destination” (I have received this message for the last week), the solution to start backing up again is the following:

  • Open Local Services
  • Find “Crashplan Backup Service”
  • Right Click > Stop
  • Wait till the Status is blank (not Running)
  • Right Click > Start

And voilà, CrashPlan will start backing up again.


4 Responses

  1. Thank you for this, I usually just restart the computer. But why does this happen? I have a large initial backup that has not completed yet. My upload speed is slow so I just leave the computer running all the time until it is finished but it keeps timing out every few hours.
    I would like to understand why it keeps timing out.

  2. CrashPlan is split into two parts, the GUI program, where you can do set all your preferences, backup destinations,etc. The second part is a behind the scenes program that has no interface. This program does the actual heavy lifting of compressing your data and sending it to CrashPlan. This process can take up a lot of RAM at times and sometimes will freeze or hang, requiring you to reset it.

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