Internet Explorer 8 Features: Tabs

So i just installed the beta version of Internet Explorer 8 and I really like it! I’ll be reviewing some of the great and new features that this browser has.

I’ll start with the Tabs which were first introduced in Internet Explorer 7. In IE8 the Tabs get more useful… and even more ‘intelligent’. Next are some of the Tab features you’ll find in this review:

  • Accelarators
  • Color Scheme
  • Reliability

New Blank Tab

When you open a new blank tab, a list of the last closed tabs is loaded (this is good in case you closed something by mistake) and also a list of Accelarators. What are Accelarators? When you copy any from a website… you can use that text with an accelarator, to either blog the text, define with encarta, email the text to somebody, etc etc.

Color Scheme

Let’s assume you have a website opened in a tab. Then you CTRL+Click a link to open in a new tab. What IE8 will do is to open the new tab near the current tab (not at the end of the list) and also gives them a color scheme to group related tabs so you’ll know that the new tab was opened from the current tab.


All IE8 tabs and windows are now running in their own processes. What does this mean? If a tab crashes, not all of internet explorer closes down like in IE7, but only the tab is closed making IE8 more reliable. Another great feature is that if Windows or IE8 shuts down, the next time you open IE8 you’re given an option to Restore Previous Session. This will not only restore the tabs in the IE8 window, but if you had more than one window open, all IE8 windows are restored with all the tabs that you were working on. This is surely the most feature missing in IE7!

Anyhoo… hope you liked this small review. Other’s will be coming soon 🙂 If you want to download IE8 Beta 2 click here to go to the download location.

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