New Windows Vista Ads – “Windows, Not Walls”

Microsoft is launching its new Windows Vista ads next September 4th which will cost Microsoft about $300 million. Apparently these new ads are going to be titled “Windows, Not Walls”, and will feature Jerry Seinfeld and also… Bill Gates (preview his audition movie after the break).

Personally I love Windows Vista… at home i use the Vista Ultimate 64-bit Edition and let me tell you… it’s awesome! Till now… it never crashed, has a very fast startup… anyway let’s continue on the ads…

The new ads’ goal is to reverse the negative public perception of Windows Vista done by Apple’s Get A Mac ads  (and let me tell you… from my experience, most of those ads are not even near the truth… but most people beleive everything…). The new campaign is said to be one of the largest campaings in Microsoft’s History.

The slogan being used “Windows, Not Walls” is to stress breaking down barriers preventing people and ideas from connecting. We’ll have to wait and see!

Now something about the actors… Jerry Seinfeld is an American Comedian and actor and he’s 54 years old. He is best known for playing a semi-fictional version of himself in the situation comedy during 1989 and 1998. Next actor, who will be featuring in these ads is Bill Gates, the once CEO and chief software architect of Microsoft. Next is the audition that Bill Gates made for these ads…


Billy G is really nice guy that doesn’t care if he makes fun of himself… i think he’s great! 😉


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