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Sessions you should watch at Microsoft Build

Actually it will start this evening for us in Europe. Here I’m listing some sessions that will […]

Running a Webhost in a Docker Container with an Exposed Port (.Net Core 2.0)

I needed to setup a webhost in a docker container with an exposed port. I wanted […]

How to exclude Json properties from WebApi response using a custom ContractResolver

I am currently working on a Backend API that acts as a middleman to a Front […]

The correct way to implement StructureMap in .NET Core WebApi when having multiple projects

StructureMap is an IoC/DI container for .Net which has been a long time around. I’ve been […]

Fix Upload_Max_Filesize for WordPress on Windows Hosting

  I needed to upload a file on a WordPress website, and the following issue was […]

Fixing AngularJS + MVC Routing Issues

Currently, I’m working on a hybrid AngularJS and MVC project, one of the tasks being to get […]

Convert Enum to KeyValuePair List and remove unwanted Enum options #Linq

In our new project, using Angular, I needed to fill drop down lists in a form from […]

Create iOS and Android apps using Visual Studio and .NET

Microsoft today announced some amazing news: Preview versions of the next generation versions of Visual Studio […]

How to open a razor link in a new tab – Quickie

An MVC code quickie to open a Razor link in a new tab: RunReport”, “Performance”, new { […]

Xaml – Add and Update Row Definitions

Row and Column Definitions are used to set the rows and columns in a grid on […]

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