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Deep Design’s Newly Redesigned Website is finally up!

There’s this popular Maltese saying which says: “L-iskarpan biz-zarbun imqatta'” – the shoemaker is wearing torn […]

Say Hello to Deep Design

Today I finally launched a blog for Deep Design. I’ve been meaning to upload this new […]

Find the best places in Malta – Malta Lens App

Are you planning a trip to Malta? Malta Lens is a new app that will help users […]

Over 600 downloads and counting…

626 people are now keeping track of their personal and group expenses. Download and keep track […]

Awards – Expense Box, 1st

1st in Windows Phone 7 App Challenge by Microsoft for Best UX Design and Best App Link: […]

Project Nine

What is Project NINE? The whole idea of Project NINE came about after needing a simple […]

Week Review.. over 300,000 all time views

This week my blog managed to reach a target that I previously set in my mind, […]

Improved Alexa Ranking by 1 million positions in 12 hours | Project Nine

Yesterday early in the morning, at about 2 o’clock I was still up, and spared a […]

Improve the Effectiveness of Title Tags | SEO Secrets

The Title Tag is the text displayed at the top of the browser window and is […]

Top 5 Tips to Increase Website Traffic

The more page views, the more there is a chance that new users will view your […]