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What is Project NINE?

The whole idea of Project NINE came about after needing a simple website service to cater for the small to medium companies and businesses.

It offers both the excellence of having a design catered on what is desired, unlimited features to be added and removed any time, the opportunity to modify any changes in own website, but most importantly a low price.

Project NINE, is the answer for all small to medium businesses which are eager to expand their business online and undercutting the budget risks.

Aims And Objectives

Project NINE is aimed to be continuously growing. Our objectives are to:

  • Keep each and every feature we include as simple as possible for all clients
  • Every new feature can be added on each site anytime the client wants
  • Keep the pricing as convenient as possible for all clients

With this Project, we are always trying to give the user what is not already available on the site by introducing attractive features to cater for any client’s needs. The way every website is developed, allows room for upgradability. Thus you can start with a basic website and upgrade along in time depending on one’s needs and desires.

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