Sessions you should watch at Microsoft Build


Actually it will start this evening for us in Europe. Here I’m listing some sessions that will surely be interesting to watch.

6:00pm – First, I would definitely start with the Keynote to get an intro and an overview of the innovation that Microsoft will show

Build Opening

6:30pm – Do you want to give your opinion. Here’s an interesting discussion between no-coders and pro-coders on what they think and how developers use no-code to work smarter. This will be good 🙂

Low-code – The unlikely Developer superpower

7:30pm – At this time, I will be taking a break to cook dinner, but for those of you who are still starting out in the dev world, this would be a good introduction to the tools a lot of developers use:

Core tools for a dev career: an introduction to Visual Studio Code and GitHub

8:15pm – For those like me that are working on Linux nowadays (I have to admit that I still use Windows in my personal time) we go follow this session on how to build and run apps on every platform. (There is another session at 6:30pm):

Build cloud-native applications that run anywhere

9:45pm – Dinner should be ready by now, time to watch something light. In this session we should see the improvements that Microsoft did to our beloved tools for this year:

Increase Developer Velocity with Microsoft’s end-to-end developer platform

10:30pm – Oh this is an interesting session for startups who will be using Microsoft Technologies. You can ask the experts, give your input and learn from others:

Ask the Experts: Building Scalable Startups with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Teams

11:30pm – If you’re in no mood to sleep, instead of watching a repeat of Mr Robot, yeah let’s watch some AI:

Build intelligent applications infused with world-class AI

12:30am – Finally for those Owls among us that won’t be sleeping yet and are still in the mood to talk and chat, here’s a session to ask the experts about what you just learned in the previous AI session:

Ask the Experts: Build intelligent applications infused with world-class AI

By that time I would be fast asleep, then tomorrow you can give me a briefing 🙂

This was just Day 1, and will continue for 3 days. There are much more sessions available to watch (304 in total to be exact, although some of them are same sessions in different times). You can have a look at the entire list from here:

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