Azure Functions Presentation


Presentation for Global Azure Bootcamp – April 2017

Azure Functions are part of the Azure Web + Mobile suite of App Services and are designed to enable the creation of small pieces of meaningful, reusable methods, easily shared across services. These serverless, event-driven methods are often referred to as “nanoservices” due to their small size. Although an Azure Function can contain quite a bit of code, they are typically designed to serve a single purpose, and respond to events in connected services.

Azure Functions are “event-driven” meaning they run based on associated and configure events, or “triggers”. For example an Azure Function could be triggered by a simple timer, such as running a process once every 24-hours, or triggered by an event in a document management system, such as when a new document is uploaded to a SharePoint library. Azure Functions can also respond to Azure-specific events, such as an image added to a Storage Blob or a notification arriving in a Message Queue.


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