A simple custom Tablet stand!

So we where on a plane directed to Egypt with all the gadgets we could get to make a pleasant trip and view movies! The list included:

  • a Tablet,
  • one USB drives full of movies
  • another USB drive full of TV Shows
  • a micro SD Card with music tracks
  • my Nokia Lumia with movies and TV shows for backup (just in case the tablet dies out)
  • two headphones
  • a jack splitter to use for both of us.

But there was one thing we didn’t get: a tablet Stand!! Hmmm and I wasn’t going to stay with the tablet in my hand for the duration of the flight. So after searching and trying paper bags and pieces of carboard, we finally found something to act as a stand, it was in front of us the whole time, it is something that girls carry around? Don’t know what I’m talking about? It’s a handbag!! Now we could watch the TV Show!! Btw we were watching Revenge. If you didn’t watch it, I suggest you do.

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