Are you a Brogrammer or a Programmer?

So I was listening to Windows Weekly and heard Mary Joe Foley, from Cnet, mention the word Brogrammer. Hmmm never heard that before!

What is a Brogrammer?

A simple search sent me to the and according to this site, a Brogrammer is:

A programmer who breaks the usual expectations of quiet nerdiness and opts instead for the usual trappings of a frat-boy: popped collars, bad beer, and calling everybody “bro”. Despised by everyone, especially other programmers.

I continued my search, and guess what I found.. the ten commandments that makes one a Brogrammer! OMG WTF? These are:

  1. Brogrammers focus on the hippest possible web development technologies: Ruby on Rails, Scala, Node.js, SASS, HAML and CSS3 are all acceptable
  2. Exercise: Usually in the form of running or pull-ups, between bouts of coding
  3. Caffeine: Lots of it, all day
  4. “I don’t often test my code, but when I do it I prefer to do it in production:” Cowboy up and ship code to the live site
  5. Music: some Dubstep and a little Skrillex to put you back in the dev zone
  6. Continuous deployment: pushing code on every single commit.
  7. Shirts optional [this i don’t agree with]
  8. Standing desks [yeah right]
  9. Start your day with Steak & Eggs [this i actually do]
  10. Beer o’clock is any time after noon: However, if an all-nighter is pulled, Beer o’clock is whenever [i would change beer with some vodka red bull]

So I think I’m in between a programmer and a brogrammer.. I’m not the nerdy programmer everyone thinks about, but on the other hand, I don’t call everybody “bro”. So what are you?

Update – You don’t know if you’re a brogrammer? Check this post to find your answer! 🙂

Resources: here and here


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