Samsung Galaxy S III Launch – Updated

After much waiting, Samsung execs are about to take the stage in London to unveil the next-generation Galaxy device, which will probably be names as the Galaxy S III after the company let the name slip earlier this month… we’ll have to wait a few more minutes to find out.

What we know so far?

Samsung already confirmed that the next generation Galaxy device will include a 1.4GHx Exynos quad-core processor.. hmm let’s see what else will be revealed 🙂

Already an Update…

Engadget just outed the Galaxy S III on their website. Apparently Samsung gave them the opportunity to play with their new handset.. which I don’t really know why Samsung did that, ruined the surprise. Anyhooo here’s the Galaxy S III. I’ll start adding the features of this device…

S III Features

  • Dimensions: 8.6 mm thin and weighs 133 g
  • Battery: 2100 mAH
  • Apparently the phone “Sees you“, “listens to you” and “understands you” by monitoring your eye movement (this seems interesting)

Feature: Smart Stay

Keeps the screen awake when we are awake, thus wehn you’re reading a pdf, it doesn’t turn off the screen

Understands You

It understands 8 languages

S Beam

Want to share a video? Load up the video, touch your S III with another Galaxy S III, and the video is sent to your friend’s device by Wifi.. almost instantly!

Launch Date and Price

It will launch on the 29th of May in Europe.. wohaa 🙂 Am still waiting for the price…

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