File Sharing between PCs without Password Protection

Sometimes you would need to share a file or a folder with another user and you would find it not so easy to do so, more and more if you or the other user doesn’t have a password for your account.

By default, in Windows 7, in order to share a folder, you would need that the Source PC being shared has a password and the Source PC owner would need to give you his password. There are two options to overcome this situation.

Solution One

The source PC owner must set his own password and when requested for PC credentials, you would need to enter the following:

Username: Source_PC_ComputerNameSource_PC_UserName

Password: Source_PC_UserPassword

Solution Two

Or else you can:

  • Go to Network and Sharing Center
  • click Change advanced sharing settings from the left
  • find the Password Protected Sharing option
  • and select the following:
    • Turn off password protected sharing

You should now be able to share files easily


2 Responses

  1. Turning off password protection didn’t work for me so now i just use the public sharing folder to trance files from one computer to the next.

    • That will work fine as well 😉

      But did you change it from your Public profile? From Network and Sharing Center, click on “Change Advanced Sharing Settings”, and there you’ll find the “Public” profile underneath the “Home or Work” profile.

      Try changing the password protection from there as well.

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