Windows Phone 7 Development

Today I started researching and making some Windows Phone 7 apps. The development tools are all free. You just need to download the free tools from here and everything will install automatically.

The Tools

The Windows Phone tools are added to the Visual Studio 2010 IDE so you won’t find any problems starting using it. WP7 apps are developed using Silverlight for Windows Phone or XNA 4.0.


I encountered some problems when trying to deploy my first Windows Phone 7 app on the Emulator. The Emulator started saying “windows phone emulator is doing a complete os boot”. Some suggestions that i found was to re-install the Windows Phone developer Tools.

I’m trying that right now… will tell you how it goes when it finishes the re-install. Apparently you also need a graphics card that supports Direct X 10 and must have WDDM 1.1 profile. To know what graphics card you have, just type dxdiag in the start search.


Now I’m trying to develop my own Windows Phone 7 App. Any Ideas and Suggestions of any app that you need for your Windows Phone 7?


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