New Windows Phone 7 comes to the family!

Yesterday, I had a nice surprise as we got a new Windows Phone 7 into the family. It’s not mine… it’s my girlfriend’s… but still I can use it :)… mine will come later on. It just arrived last Saturday in Malta!!

Which One

She got the HTC Trophy WP7 mobile. Apparently it’s going to be the only WP7 mobile device to come to the Maltese Islands.. or at least for now.

Some First Impressions

When I saw it, I was “woooooowwwww”, then a big “noooooooooo… it should be in my pocket!!! :(“. I’m now starting a group on Facebook so that anyone who has a WP7 and wants to give it for free… you can send it to me. I will pay for the shipping :)…

Anyway, it’s extremely fast, doesn’t have any lag when choosing a menu option, and everywhere you look, it’s animated. In the sense that even a simple list when selecting a ringtone, each item is animated.

I really likes the simple ringtones it comes with, it makes it really stand out not like the other boring ringtones that everyone has heard on other phones.


As for Hardware, the Screen gorgeous and very bright. Colours on the screen are very rich, though I think the Samsung’s Omnia Black Levels are darker. The back of the Phone has a nice touch feeling and the front is also stylish and more robust.

I’ll stop here for now… will continue updating later.

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  1. Something is technically wrong.

    Thanks for noticing—we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.

    But the second attempt worked:

    Thanks for sharing your first impressions about WP7!

    I am not sure if WP7 has a big future in Europe since everywhere new mobile apps are appearing every where but only for iPhone and Android … For a lot of developers, decision makers etc. are just ignoring WP7 …

    Also IBM of course seems to ignore WM and WP7 since their Lotus Traveler sync solution only supports WM 6.x and they stopped supporting it with Lotus Notes 7. Current version is Lotus Notes 8.5.2 … This makes me a bit sad … I hope I am wrong …

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