Online Javascript Compressor

This might help some developers and designers… a Javascript Compressor. It’s extremely useful as it compresses the javascript code resulting in a smaller js file thus a faster loading website.

Thanks to you do not need to install anything, just load the next website and paste the javascript code form the js file that you need to compress.

The resulting text should be copied in the js file. You can load the website by clicking here.

Happy compressing!!

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  1. Nice idea but I am not sure if it should be called a “compressor” since there is no way do de-compress ist 😉

    It just removes comments, new lines etc. and makes the Code human unreadable 😉 Looks more than a Dotfuscator (compare it to the Dotfuscator in the .net world) ^^

    I am still in the opinion that compressing websites + scripts is OK if it happens automatically (on-the-fly)! Compressing it manually or even check in such compressed (looking ugly and human unreadable) code to a source control system would be a real pain and makes debugging also a pain …

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