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Fixing AngularJS + MVC Routing Issues

Currently, I’m working on a hybrid AngularJS and MVC project, one of the tasks being to get […]

Create a Valid Number #Angular directive that handles decimal points

The below ‘validNumber’ directive verifies that the input field has a valid number by checking the last […]

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How to set a Default Time when Selecting a Date // AngularJS

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Data External Page

Today I had an issue with html duplication when using jQuery mobile and ajax. What was […]

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In jQuery you have multiple selectors to either select single objects or a whole bunch. I […]

Change Lightbox 0.5 Image Size

Update 2011: For those people who had problems with the below instructions.. please find in on […]

Implement “Master Pages” in Java

Found a good blog post on how you can emulate the use of ASP.Net Master Pages […]

ASP.Net | Read Values from Javascript

Today I started checking out some videos about Windows CardSpace and ASP.Net for logging in and […]

Online Javascript Compressor

This might help some developers and designers… a Javascript Compressor. It’s extremely useful as it compresses […]