Convert Dvd / Video to iPhone on Windows Vista

Sometimes when i go to the gym, I’m usually bored running for about 30 mins viewing myself in the mirror… so something needed to be done. And i finally found something which will help continue going on for more than an hour… or at least i’ll try.

The solution is to convert a dvd to iPhone and viewing it at the gym… Now the how to?

  • First you need to download the software… Aimersoft iPhone Converter Suite
  • Click and run the downloaded software.
  • If you have Windows Vista and wouldn’t install, right click and select “Run as Administrator”
  • Insert the dvd to be converted
  • Run the newly installed program
  • Now click the “Load DVD” button or “Load File” if you have an IFO on the hard disk
  • Click the dropdown list to select Audio and Subtitles
  • Change the output location if needed
  • When ready click “Start” to start converting
  • This software supports both the iPhone and the iPod, and can convert to .mp4 and m4a

Using the same software, you can also convert videos to iPhone:

  • Click the Video to iPhone converter shortcut to load the video converter
  • Click “Add” to select the videos to be converted
  • You can add many videos at once, and the software will convert all videos together
  • You can customise frame rate, audio channel, etc etc
  • Like the dvd converter, click “Start” to start converting your videos

Now you’re ready to go happier than ever to the gym to view your favourite movies and series!! Maybe you can try with Two And a Half Men!! I love that!! Happy conversion guys and gals!!


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