Hang On! Preparing for the Global Azure Bootcamp 2018


In less than a week, on the 21st April, the Global Azure Bootcamp will start. This year there will be 286 locations around the world that will host this event, and Malta will once again be one of those locations! The event in Malta will be held at the Microsoft Innovation Centre, at Skyparks, Luqa, and is being organised by Tech-Spark. Start time is 9am! It’s been months in the making, and presentations are being given that last touch, to be ready for D-Day!

We have prepared five presentations for the event:

  • IoT Fundamentals, by Clive Ciappara (myself)
  • Machine Learning, by Matthew Grech
  • Blockchain, by Johan Zammit
  • SQL Server & GDPR, by Ralph Attard
  • Elastic Pools by Evan Camilleri.

I work on the Nebulus IoT platform at Codit, so it made sense for me to make a session about IoT. As such my presentation and hands-on lab will cover the fundamentals of using IoT on Microsoft Azure. Initially we will cover “What is IoT?”, “Why use it?” and we’ll have some Real World IoT solutions that are being used. Then we will delve into Microsoft Azure and start exploring IoT related features, including IoT Hub, Device Twins, Device Simulator from the Azure IoT Suite, and Time Series Insights.

For the whole agenda, you can visit Tech-Spark’s website. For who still didn’t grab his ticket, you can do so on Eventbrite, but hurry cause only a few tickets are left.

See you all this Saturday!


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