HTC HD2 | Not Sending SMS

So a friend of mine just got a new HTC HD2… and let me tell you… the screen is amazing!! 4.3 inch full of color ;)… All worked well, phone calls, camera is great, sms received but he couldn’t send any sms. When trying to send, they remained in the outbox. We thought there was a problem with the sms service centre but there is no place where you can edit the service centre number.

After googling a bit, we found the Solution. You need to first…

  • Click the Start button (has the windows sing on it within windows)
  • Tools
  • Comm manager
  • Phone
  • Hit Menu
  • Choose Advanced Network
  • At bottom choose SMS service (last one on right)

Most probably it is set to GSM. Change it to GSM Preferred. Close everything and turn off the phone. Turn on the phone again… and now SMS should work fine. All the sms in the outbox were being sent out. Happy HD2ing 😉



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