EPS Overprint Variable

We needed a program to check a folder with eps files and check if they have overprint or not. To do so there is a variable in each eps file <xapTPg:HasVisibleOverprint>. If it is true, then that eps file has overprint and the variable will look something like this:


If the variable is false, then the file has no overprint and the var will look something like this:


Next are other variables which maybe important to you:

  • <xapTPg:HasVisibleTransparency>False</xapTPg:HasVisibleTransparency>
  • <xapG:swatchName>C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=0</xapG:swatchName>
  • <xapG:mode>CMYK</xapG:mode>
  • <xapG:type>PROCESS</xapG:type>


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