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How to install iOS and Android SDKs for Visual Studio 2013 Premium & Ultimate

I was going to install Visual Studio Community 2013, but it asked me to uninstall Visual […]

Create iOS and Android apps using Visual Studio and .NET

Microsoft today announced some amazing news: Preview versions of the next generation versions of Visual Studio […]

Xaml – Add and Update Row Definitions

Row and Column Definitions are used to set the rows and columns in a grid on […]

Cortana’s Easter Eggs (with spoilers)

Cortana, Microsoft’s new Personal Assistant, has some funny easter eggs and here is a small collection […]

How to use Cortana outside the US?

Thanks for asking Cortana 🙂 and thanks for making my Windows Phone better. Yesterday Microsoft released […]

Find the best places in Malta – Malta Lens App

Are you planning a trip to Malta? Malta Lens is a new app that will help users […]

Over 600 downloads and counting…

626 people are now keeping track of their personal and group expenses. Download and keep track […]

Skype Beta on Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

Finally, after much waiting, Microsoft and Skype announced the much awaited Skype app for Windows Phone, […]